50% Off Private Coaching!!!

By lesly kahn | April 13, 2020

50% off Private Coaching!

There are so many opportunities out there for you to meet amazing casting directors right now. But I’m worried that some of you are making tapes without having received the coaching you’d like . . . .

. . . and you know I don’t want anyone seeing you be less brilliant than you are . . .

. . . so we’re offering you 50% off private coaching with our entire faculty (except Les*) through Friday, April 17th

Just call the office (323 969-9900) to schedule your coaching!

At 50% off!

Someone will get right back to you.

And don’t worry, your coaches will still receive their full rate.  (*We’re not including my services in the discount in order to provide them with as much income as possible during this insane time. I’m still coaching, of course, but at my regular rate.)