Booked It!

By lesly kahn | June 1, 2018

Whitney Hice booked SALVAGE MARINES!!!

Annie Funke booked THE REPUBLIC OF SARAH!!!

Arielle Kebbel booked LINCOLN!!!

David DeSantos booked ANIMAL KINGDOM!!!

Layla Mohammadi booked THE GOLDBERGS!!!

Asha Kamali booked STAR!!!

Catherine Davis booked TRAUMA CENTER!!!

Asif Ali booked RICHARD LOVELY!!!

Tate Moore booked WOMAN UP!!!

Eliza Shin booked THE AFFAIR!!!

Alan Wells booked PATSY AND LORETTA!!!

Jordana Brewster booked BAILEY AND DARLA!!!

Christina Vidal booked UNITED WE FALL!!!

Hayes MacArthur booked MERRY HAPPY WHATEVER!!!

Sibongile Mlambo booked TRIANGLE!!!

Alex Roe booked THE COVEN!!!

Lilah Richcreek booked the UNTITLED LESLIE ODOM JR. PROJECT!!!

Adam Rose booked MERRY HAPPY WHATEVER!!!

Deborah S. Craig booked THE EMPEROR OF MALIBU!!!

Andrew Kai booked ATYPICAL!!!

Liza Koshy booked WORK IT!!!

Leslie Odom Jr. booked THE SOPRANOS prequel THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK!!!

Meg DeLacy booked STARGIRL!!!

Ellen Humphreys booked INTERROGATION!!!