Booked It

By lesly kahn | March 2, 2018

Ed Quinn booked ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

Bill Burr booked IMMORAL COMPASS!!!

Emma Meisel booked VEGAS HIGH!!!

Ian McQuown booked AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE!!!

Kayla Ewell booked ROSWELL and BATWOMAN!!!

Ethan Corn booked COUNCIL OF DADS!!!

Kwame Patterson booked BARB AND STAR GO TO VISTA DEL MAR!!!

India de Beaufort booked ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

Devin Kawaoka booked AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE!!!

Shannon Dang booked MID CENTURY!!!

Kevin Pasdon booked NEW AMSTERDAM!!!

Sally Pressman booked ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

Vladimir CaamaƱo booked TOMMY!!!

Mandell Maughan booked RESIDENT ALIEN!!!

Matthew del Negro was promoted to a series regular on CITY ON A HILL!!!

Roe Hartrampf booked musical DIANA!!!