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By lesly kahn | May 19, 2017

New web series, MISS’ED AMERICA, is casting! It’s deferred pay, but it is being produced on an established YouTube channel with about 20,000 subscribers, and many of their other sketches have reached 1 million views and have had sponsorship (i.e.: $$).



A former beauty queen and her pageant coach attempt to relive their glory days by mentoring other former beauty queens for a reality webseries.


Becky Higginbotham, a former beauty queen desperate to hold onto the glory of her competition days, teams up with her sidekick and pageant coach of 25 years, Tim Parks, the gayest straight man in a pink rhinestone T-Shirt.  Together they decide to run a halfway house of sorts for other “aged-out” beauty queens. As luck would have it, the duo’s endeavor has been chosen by TEN (The Estrogen Network) to be filmed for a reality based TV Series. No, sorry. Not TV. It’s a webseries. As they are often reminded, much to their dismay. One by one, the girls arrive and we are introduced to the cast of characters Becky and Tim have chosen to help transition from the glamorous world of pageants into real life.

Currently seeking:

Tim Parks, 55-65, the gayest straight man in a pink rhinestone T-Shirt. He’s been Becky’s Pageant coach since she was a child and is obsessed with the pageant world. He and Becky try to relive their glory days by mentoring aged out beauty queens for a reality web series. Tim Gun if he was a low level pageant coach. Comedy/Improv experience a plus.

Ruby Gale, 20’s.  A young woman who’s grown up on the farm in central Kansas, with hundreds of farm queen titles under her belt. Sweet and naive, she was the next best thing to Becky and Tim’s first choice, Miss Kansas USA, who was killed by a tornado while jogging. Poor thing had her iPod playing on full blast, she just never heard it coming. Comedy/Improv and resembling Judy Garland is a plus.

Theresa St. Lucia, 20’s. She is beautiful, black, and after an unfortunate chemical accident during a middle school science fair, blind. Which bodes well for the ratings as handicaps and ethnicities are all the rage in pageants these days…Does not need to be blind, but comedy/improv a plus.

If interested, please email your materials to and they will get sides to you and set up either an appointment or eco cast.