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Casting Notice

By lesly kahn | September 28, 2017

From Casting Director Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd:


I’m SO excited to share some news….. I’m casting a new digital show for google called “GODCOMPLX” Auditions October 5&6 to be considered please submit your reel and headshot to  We will contact you if you make it to the audition rounds. “Godcomplx Season 2 is looking for a new star, is it you??? Have you got that undeniable spark? The ability to capture an audience of 1 or 10,000…

We want to see. Come show us what ya got; step into the spotlight.

You have to take a chance… a leap of faith… to show off your talents. Is it you? Is it now?

Let’s see what you’ve got…and ACTION…

Leading Lady… Leading Man…

Who’s got the chops to command an audience… an actor with both the presence and the nuances necessary to convey the emotions of complex characters.

We want to hear you, see you…a bright new star is out there and we need to find them. Is it you?  #Actors #Actresses #Artists #REPOST and get the word out! It’s your time to SHINE!