I realized I’m not delusional for trying to do this with my life.

By lesly kahn | February 16, 2018

“Lesly, the audition went great and I was booked! And then today at my open mic I was talking to ME (we had an admiration society meeting in your honor and she also ran my set with me MANY times last week which was so wonderful and a function of the community you foster), and a show producer from the Comedy Store was there and asked me to emcee her show there in July!” – LG


“SO GET THIS. I’m home watching TV shows, and as I’m watching, I’m noticing all these things I learned in my intensive, and getting super pumped about it. I even did a reversal on my Instagram story the other day without realizing it! I have never felt more confident about what I bring to the table as an actor and as a person, and I know that Comedy Intensive and my friends at LK are to thank. SO THANK YOU. SO MUCH. I got out of my head. I realized I’m not delusional for trying to do this with my life. And I realized that I am a much happier version of myself when I’m being creative and when I am BUSY. Like, crazy busy. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to learn these things. I know I still have so much to take in, but I’m nothing but optimistic and excited to move forward with clinic next month. Okay, that’s all! I’m gonna watch another episode and stifle the urge to make myself a huge serving of gnocchi, as one does. xoxo” – HB


“Your school is a physical representation daily for you of the wonderful work you do, I know. But in case you don’t hear it enough or haven’t heard it today, thank you for the work you do for us. Your help is the freaking lifeline.” – MW


“Thank you soooo much for the invaluable guidance you provided throughout the comedy intensive.  I am already seeing progress in my acting and personal breakthroughs!  Not to mention the two commercials I booked during it!! Appreciate you!!” – TM