From Lesly

Class Placement

By lesly kahn | September 13, 2021


While all our Comedy Intensives are the same in terms of content, some are bigger than others. If we think you would benefit from more individual attention and time, we’ll offer you one of the smaller groups.  

While your experience, talent, craft, intelligence, marketing and personality play a big part, we also do a good deal of class placement strictly by instinct. I’ve been teaching acting for over thirty years now (!?!?). I’m told I have a knack for putting together unusually great groups of people. Classes generally fall madly in love with each other and stay in touch forever. While we certainly understand your hesitation, we would love it if you could give us the benefit of the doubt and trust that we know what we’re doing when it comes to putting you with the right group.    

I recently received this in an email from an actor:  

“I have always thought of you as a Godsend as an acting coach and life preparer. But to have set me up with my best friends AND my husband?!?!”  

Don’t get too excited. The marriage thing doesn’t happen all the time. But the friends thing happens a LOT. 

You – your improvement and your ultimate ability to achieve your dreams — is everything to us. If you were not offered an Intensive with me, it’s because we think you’ll get where you want to go a lot faster, if you start in one of the smaller classes or with a different teacher or a different group. It is NOT because we hate you or think you’re talent-free. We just want you to succeed as quickly as possible.  

We are trying to get you in shape so you can successfully audition and book jobs. Does it really matter which class you’re in if you achieve that goal? If you’re dying to be in my class, you’ll do Essentials or Intensive and Clinic with another teacher (I don’t teach any Clinics), and we’ll probably work together in Ongoing.  

Bottom line: if you like what you learned today and want more of that, please try to find a way to trust that we’ve placed you in the class that is the fastest route to get you where you want to go.