Get down to work and get in the game.

If you have taken acting classes, you’ve probably spent a lot of time dredging up emotion. Dead grandparents, dead dogs…that’s some good stuff, right?

All those tears should ensure success–you’d think. So why aren’t you getting more work?

Because acting isn’t just about how you feel. It’s about what the AUDIENCE feels. If the audience isn’t moved, you haven’t done your job. So how do you move the audience (or casting, or the director)? By doing what the script tells you to do. By learning how to interpret the written word in a new way.

Acting is not just emotion (and voice, and speech, and movement). There are gems all over the pages of your material. If you aren’t able to recognize those gems, and you skip over them because you’re only worrying about your feelings, you’re not going to be successful. You’re going to be unemployed.

Once you learn to recognize and execute what’s embedded in the text, everything changes. You’ll be able to compete. Plus, you’ll have so much more confidence! No more over- or underthinking. No more over- or under-acting. No more fear. Just ease.

About your class placement . . .

We put a great deal of time and effort into your class placement. People are usually pleasantly surprised by how much they like their classmates, and how much they learn from each other.

Get Into Class

Take us for a test drive.

Come to an Intro Work Session to work with Lesly or LK&Co. faculty, and take home a few secrets.

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Intro Work Session

Out of respect for the privacy of our actors, we do not offer auditing of our classes.


Instead, we invite you to actually take a class with Lesly or another member of our faculty — a unique class we’ve designed for actors who don’t yet know us. You won’t just watch us work–you’ll work with us.


This way we can place you in the right class based on your work — not just your resume, reel, or referral. Plus, you’ll find out if we’re a good fit for you, and you’ll also come away better equipped to handle The Business.


If we don’t think you need class, we won’t recommend it. We are not in the business of fixing what ain’t broke.


Auditioning a lot? Feel free to skip the Intro Work Session. Schedule a coaching session with Lesly or another approved member of our Faculty instead.


Ready to get started?


Schedule an Intro Work Session

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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca

Opportunities can be few and far between. Let’s not blow ’em.

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Comedy Intensive

Most experienced actors are placed in a Comedy Intensive after an Intro Work Session.


Ever heard the saying “Dying is easy, comedy is hard”? We believe that’s true. If you can do comedy, you can do anything. So that’s where we start at LK&Co.


Comedy Intensives meet either three consecutive Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. They are taught by Lesly and LK&Co. faculty. Actors are required to work in every class.


You’ll learn new ways to look at your material, your acting, your auditions, your marketing, and, frankly, your world.


Technique Clinic

After completing the Comedy Intensive, our four week Technique Clinic is the next step. Examining drama as well as comedy, we further develop and expand upon the skills introduced in the Comedy Intensive.


Clinic classes meet once a week for four consecutive weeks and are taught by LK&Co. faculty. Actors are required to work in every class.


Ongoing Classes

While the Intensive is largely about what we have to teach you, and the Clinic is half what we have to teach you and half what is specifically going on with you and your acting, the Ongoing classes are pretty much all about you.


Utilizing currently casting film and television (and the occasional piece of theatrical) material, Ongoing classes cover every aspect of the actor’s career. From audition technique and cold reading, through working on set, to marketing and creating your own content, we seek to ensure that no stone is left unturned.


Ongoing classes meet once per week for three, four or five weeks, depending on the month. At least one class each month is spent working on camera, usually in one of our state-of-the art Film Rooms. They are taught by Lesly and LK&Co. faculty. Actors are required to work in every class.


Voice Club!

While our Essentials, Intensives, Clinics, and Ongoing acting classes focus aggressively on your acting-related issues, many of you quietly suffer from vocal issues that keep you from booking work even when your acting is superb.   We realized something needed to be done.


For several years we’ve been promoting Matt Beisner’s voice classes, and now we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with his Voice Club! in order to offer classes that focus specifically on vocal production!  You will learn a daily, ten to twelve minute vocal warm-up consisting of 21 detailed, physical exercises that will enable you – once and for all — to effortlessly create beautiful sound through the release of your breath. The greater your ability to release sound, the more expansive your emotional life, the more zeroes in your checking account!


The goal is for you to be able to handle any kind of text, performance, audition, class or meeting without choking up, “going off your voice” or succumbing to nerves in a way that inhibits your vocal work. You will ultimately have a practical approach to your vocal production, no matter the circumstances.


While actors often see changes almost immediately, the exercises do take some time to take hold – most people have years of poor vocal habits. But, the solution is simple: if you do the work you will change.

Get great.  Voice Club!

Acting Essentials

This class is for those with little or no training or experience.


It meets once a week for eight weeks, and includes two fundamental acting classes: The Essentials of Method Acting and The Comedy Intensive.


Talent is great, but it can only take you so far. The catering industry is chock-full of talented actors. Why not be talented AND skilled?


The Acting Essentials class meets once a week (Wednesday evenings) for eight weeks, and is taught by LK&Co. faculty. Actors are required to work in every class.


Ready to get started?

Enroll In Acting Essentials

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You do not have to be enrolled in any of our classes to take advantage of our coaching services. Coaching services at Lesly Kahn & Company include:

Zoom Acting Coaching                      Zoom Private Acting Classes
Zoom Career Counseling                   On-Site Audition Taping
Off-Site and On-Set Coaching on temporary hiatus

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Our coaches are exceptionally talented, experienced, working actors, directors, and screenwriters. Some have bark, some have bite. All of them will give you the honest truth.


Book time with Lesly or any LK&Co. Coach. Schedule as much time as you need.

Zoom Coaching

  • Audition coaching: Stressing over a set of audition sides? Mystified by some dialogue?
  • Acting Coaching: Need to prep an entire film before going on location? Want to create a great character arc for your series regular this season?
  • Other Performance Coaching: Need help with your interpretation of a song? Want to spice up your stand-up? Need guidance on your SNL audition?
  • Professional Coaching: Are you a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.) wanting help with your public speaking skills?
  • Career Counseling: Our faculty are available to offer guidance on headshots, resumes, career issues, or just to help you figure out what you’re doing with your life!

Off-Site Coaching (on temporary hiatus)

Need in-person coaching but can’t make it to Hollywood or Santa Monica? We’ll come to you!

On-Set Coaching (on temporary hiatus)

Our coaches are available to coach on-set in LA or anywhere in the world.

Zoom Private Acting Classes

Can’t make group classes work with your schedule? Hate people? Study one-on-one with one of our teachers!

Schedule Coaching

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We frequently offer workshops covering various industry-related topics.

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Most workshops are available only to actors who have completed our Comedy Intensive, so everyone’s already familiar with our terminology and approach. However, we do, from time to time, offer workshops that are open to everyone.

See Our Current Workshops

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