Get down to work and get in the game.

If you have taken acting classes, you’ve probably spent a lot of time dredging up emotion. Dead grandparents, dead dogs…that’s some good stuff, right?

All those tears should ensure success–you’d think. So why aren’t you getting more work?

Because acting isn’t just about how you feel. It’s about what the AUDIENCE feels. If the audience isn’t moved, you haven’t done your job. So how do you move the audience (or casting, or the director)? By doing what the script tells you to do. By learning how to interpret the written word in a new way.

Acting is not just emotion (and voice, and speech, and movement). There are gems all over the pages of your material. If you aren’t able to recognize those gems, and you skip over them because you’re only worrying about your feelings, you’re not going to be successful. You’re going to be unemployed.

Once you learn to recognize and execute what’s embedded in the text, everything changes. You’ll be able to compete. Plus, you’ll have so much more confidence! No more over- or underthinking. No more over- or under-acting. No more fear. Just ease.

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