From Lesly

Don’t Get Lost

By lesly kahn | December 21, 2017

EL, one of my fave actors (also an amazing LK teacher and successful screenwriter) once went to an audition at W, a fabulous, prolific casting office with great taste, known for being wonderful to actors. Upon meeting EL, the casting assistant said, “Oh, I recognize you from something!” EL had recently done some work on a show called LOST so he said it was probably that. In order to be sure she remembered that EL had been on LOST, the assistant wrote “LOST” on EL’s resume.

Later, EL’s agent called for feedback. He was told EL’s work had been all over the place, meandering, and lost. “What went on in that audition?!” Demanded EL’s agent.

“I crushed it. I totally crushed it.” Quoth EL. “I don’t know what they’re talking about! Call W.”

The agent called W. “Oh, EL … hmm… the only thing it says is that he was recently on LOST.”

People make mistakes.  Even wonderful, trustworthy casting offices with the best intentions.  Be careful not to take everything literally.

Have a nice day.

— From Excerpts of Notes from Lesly and Trisha’s Monday Ongoing on 11.26.12, compliments of Janet C.