From Lesly


By lesly kahn | September 22, 2017

Sometimes you all get so UPSET at yourselves in class! You’re like, “OMG! I SUCK! I’m a terrible person because LK didn’t literally pass out from astonishment at my genius while I was acting!” 

Newsflash:  the state of my consciousness is actually not the point of YOUR acting!  Moreover, I’m not supposed to be overcome by your genius during class! Class is where you’re supposed to show me how you’re confused or in trouble; where your process is missing a step. Class is where I’m supposed to fix what might be broken. It’s where I  get to show you how to be EVEN BETTER than you already are. 


Class is not, contrary to popular belief, an opportunity for you to shit on yourself – yet again. 

Are you filled with self-loathing when you go to the doctor because you have a tummy ache or a cold? Are you all, “OMG! I SUCK! I’m a terrible person because my nose is stuffed up?!” 


You think, “Why did I let my boyfriend kiss me when I know he has a cold?

Or, “I guess that third doughnut was one too many!! Thank GOD I have the wherewithal to go to the doctor and get a Z-Pack or the drugstore for some Pepto!” 


Can you be ok with help from me too?  ‘Cuz that’s all it is.  Help. It is NOT the ultimate affirmation of your profound lack of worth as a human being. 

I promise.